Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter

Potek 900A Peak Car Jump Box** can safely and easily start all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including trucks, cars, hybrid starter batteries, boats, motorcycles and personal watercraft.

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0Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter
What a Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter can do? Please allow Potek to show you. Well, it allows you to jump-start your dead car without waiting for another vehicle or the trailer desperately. As the portable 9Ah jump-starter delivers up to 900 peak amps to quickly revive batteries in engines up to 8 cylinders and the heavy-duty 6AWG cables will make sure the safety of the operation.

The 900A portable car jump starter also features an integrated 150 PSI air compressor which can inflate tires and other inflatables, and a 2.4A USB port can help to charge smartphones, laptops, Kindle, etc.
The tough weather-resistant jump start battery pack also boasts a 5V DC power outlet, and 3 convenient LED work lights.

Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter
Jump-starts Engines
Potek 900A Peak Car Jump Box can safely and easily start all types of 12V lead-acid batteries, including trucks, cars, hybrid starter batteries, boats, motorcycles and personal watercraft.

Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter
Inflates Tires to 150PSI
This car jump box Integrated air compressor efficiently inflates tires, sporting equipment and more, right from the stand-alone Jump-Starter unit. This completely portable inflator does not need to be plugged in.

Charge Phones/Laptops/Kindle
Just plug your smartphone or tablet into jump pack’s USB port for fast, full portable charging which is ideal for camping or remote locations! The jump starter also includes one 15V auxiliary output port for additional charging options. With 1 USB port offering 2A of shared power and a DC socket, you can charge nearly any device.

Ultra Bright LED Emergency Light
3 built-in LED light provides bright illumination for easy jump-starting hookup and tire inflation on dark roadsides.

Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter
Two ways for Charging the Jump Pack
Equipped with 9Ah sealed lead acid Battery, this jump start battery pack can not only be charged with a AC adapter at home but also can charged with DC adapter in your car.

Safety Is Always The Priority
At Potek, we believe our products should not only perform, but be safe too. The 900A portable battery jump starter has many safeties built in to keep you and your loved ones safe during use and while transporting it. With Over-voltage, over-charge, short circuit, and reverse polarity protections built in, this jump pack offers an immense amount of power and safety in one conveniently compact package.

Approximate Battery Run Times
Tool Charger (15W): 7.4 Hours
Cell Phone Charger (20W): 21 Hours
Digital Camera (30W): 3.3 Hours
13” Color TV (70W): 1.1 Hours
Laptop (90W): 0.8 Hours
Worklight (100W): 0.7 Hours
Coffee Pot (200W): 0.2 Hours
*Run times are an approximate based on a brand new, fully charged battery.

Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter
Quick List of Features
900 Peak Amps/300 Starting Amps
Air Compressor/Inflator
DC Power Socket
2.4A USB Power Port
200 Lumen COB LED
Built-in Safety Protections
AC and DC rechargeable (Adapters Included)


  • Hold charge well, easy to use


    Glad to see after 3 months in my car that it was still fully charged and ready to go-- love having USB and regular outlet option for plugging in items

  • great quality


    I bought this product out of frustration because I had a flat tire and nowhere to turn for help or for a fix. now that I have it I feel confident going out to the country or expeditions and finding a

  • Very useful device!


    This power pack jumper starter is amazing! I have jumped several vehicles with dead batteries where the headlight wouldn’t turn on. The air compressor works great for pumping up tires or balls. The in

  • Simple design,but good for the money.


    Simple design,I bought this as a just in case item,which paid for itself within a week(dead battery 150 miles from home).

  • Ram 1500


    Used it in a pinch to jump start my 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 from a completely dead battery, it worked!


0### Parameters ###
Jump Pack Model: JS86
Jump Starter Cable Length: 6 gauge, 60cm
Adapter Output: 15V, 500ma
Built-in Led Light: 3 LED Lights
USB: 5V DC, 2400ma
12V DC Maximum Current: 12A
Operating Temperature Range: 32~104℉
Compressor Maxium Pressure: 150PSI
Peak Amps: 900
Crank Assist Amps: 225
Battery: 9AH Sealed lead-acid
Output: 5VDC/2.4A(USB)
Peak Battery: 900A
Tire Inflator: 150PSI
Dimensions(LWH): 28 x 18.6 x 21cm

Packing List

1 x Potek 900A Peak Jump Starter
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Spare fuse
1 x DC adapter
1 x User manual


● Potek also has the 1500A Peak Jump Starter and 1000A Peak Jump Starter on sale now. Check them out.
● To save power, please turn off the AC Socket Switch if you don’t use them.
● Please don’t use the jump starter while charging.
● Do not open the case of the power station and disassemble the unit.
● Do not allow the positive and negative booster clamps of the jumpstart system to come into contact with each other.
● Be sure to remove all metal items(watches,necklaces,rings,etc) before using the jumpstart system.
● Do not turn jump start switch to “ON” position if the REVERSE POLARITY WARNING LED light is ON.
● Always turn the jumpstart system off when not in use.Store in a cool, dry place.
● The portable power station must be fully charged for 24h before first use.Failure to do so may permanently damage battery.
● Warranty: 18-month


What is the voltage and frequency? can i use this chair in a country 220v ac?
No,it can only use 110v ac
What's the 12 V battery for?
Any 12V accessories
If it is idle, when do you deed to charge it?
When the lights change on the power level.
Can this be charged with a solar panel?
Yes, I've connected solar power to many packs like this. The time it takes to recharge will depend on how drained the battery is as well as the size of panel used. For example, a "100 watt" panel will often give you a 5 amp charge that can fully charge it in 4 hours in good sun. Usually connecting it to the lighter plug is a good way that can handle 5 amps and has less things like loose cables that could be bumped around and touch. Just be sure to have a "charge controller" that will block solar power once the battery is "full" since most solar panels can give 18V+ (anything over ~14.5V is "overcharging" the battery).
Can you leave this in your car during the winter?
Where is the ac charging point on this unit? i could see only that of the dc charging point.
it's on the front panel and it comes with the charger
does this unit come with all that’s needed to charge it
Yes 110v & 12v
Will this inflate RV tires?
Yes but it will take a few minutes
Where is the company located? Seems English is not first language.
The United States
How many watt hours?
The battery inside is rated "18 amp-hour", so at 12V that comes out to 216 watt-hours.
Which one should i buy js86, 87 or 88?
The difference in the models if you look in details is the battery size, like the largest having "18 amp-hour" battery versus smallest being 10 amp-hour. Another brand of packs suggests the units with 10 amp-hour for 4 cylinder cars, 15 amp-hour for 6 cylinder cars, and 18 for 8 cylinder. That's the best suggestion I can give (unless you have multiple cars where the biggest will handle all and not be that much different in cost).
Can this charger be left plugged in after being fully charged?
You can leave it plugged in with no problems other that it gets hot. doesn't affect it otherwise. Needs about 24 hours to fully charge when you get it even though the meter says it is charged. After that an hour or so every few weeks if you don't use it in between.
Can it start a diesel car too
Yes, I bought it for my Tractor, worked Great.
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