Potek 1000A Peak Jump Starter

1000A Jump Starter with 150PSI Air Compressor and Led light, one device for all.

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Potek 1000A Peak Jump Starter
The Potek 1000A Peak JumpBoost is a must-have for anyone who drives, enjoys the outdoors time with their family or friend, or just needs a multi-function power supply. This 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter comes with a 12V DC and USB power port, 200 Lumen LED Light, and a 150 PSI Air compressor or inflator, you may call it. Isn’t it just perfect for those who want to make sure never letting a dead car battery, a bad tire or the darkness ruin the beautiful road trip or camping activity?

This 1000A Jumpboost will be the perfect solution for those who are looking for a feature packed device that does not cost a lot of money. As you can see, it is cheap but quite powerful and ready to inflate tires, boost a vehicle or working as an emergency light whenever you need it. Perfect for vehicles with engines up to V8 (including 4 cylinder, single cylinder, V4, and others).

Potek 1000A Peak Jump Starter car battery starter
1000A Peak JumpBoost/Jump Starter
Have you ever been stuck on the road or in the middle of nowher waiting for assistance because of a troubled car battery? Have you ever been hesitant to ask for help from strangers or been stuck without having a friend or family member available when your car battery dies?

Take this Potek 1000a peak battery starter which has the ability to start a variety of vehicles including 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders and even larger vehicles, it can save all the trouble for you.

Potek 1000A Peak Jump Starter with air compressor
Air Compressor/Inflator
Can you imagine how vulnerable and desperate it may be if the tire is punctured in a dark night or in the middle of no where? Supplying up to 150 PSI, the Air Compressor can fill nearly any tire from bicycle, passenger car, to trucks and even fill up sports equipment and pool inflatables! At a paltry 14.13 lbs., this JumpBoost is easily carried and transported by anyone in any situation.

The Lumen LED Light
One of the frustrated thing when comes to night-time emergency roadside repairs is the lack of bright lighting. Just image how can you work on a car and hold a flashlight at the same time? One way is that you can bit on the flashlight if it fits in your mouth. But with our 1000A peak jump starter which comes with 200 Lumen COB LED worklight, you can save all the embarrassment.

Potek 1000A Peak Jump Starter with storage box
Space Saving, Wires and Accessories Well Stocked
On the left, there is a 12 volt power outlet sockets and a smartly designed storage box. Inside the box, it is a compressor hose.
On the right, you will find another storage box and inside it, there are all the spare accessories you may need, an AC adapter, a spare fuse, a dc adapter.
The Potek Battery Jumper is designed to easily accommodate the air hose into a tiny compartment to save you space and easy access to the air inflator anytime you need it.

Approximate Battery Run Times
Tool Charger (15W): 7.4 Hours
Cell Phone Charger (20W): 5.4 Hours
Digital Camera (30W): 3.3 Hours
13” Color TV (70W): 1.1 Hours
Laptop (90W): 0.8 Hours
Worklight (100W): 0.7 Hours
Coffee Pot (200W): 0.2 Hours
*Run times are an approximate based on a brand new, fully charged battery.

Quick List of Features
1000 Peak Amps/300 Starting Amps
Air Compressor/Inflator
DC Power Socket
2.4A USB Power Port
200 Lumen LED Light
Built-in Safety Protections
AC and DC rechargeable (Adapters Included)


  • Plenty of cranking power!!


    Simple to use. Air gauge makes inflation easy and quick. Inverter powers most small tools and appliances.

  • Five Stars


    Easy to use. quick to fill bike tires. Takes a while longer, but gets auto tires filled.

  • Hold charge well, easy to use


    Glad to see after 3 months in my car that it was still fully charged and ready to go-- love having USB and regular outlet option for plugging in items

  • great quality


    I bought this product out of frustration because I had a flat tire and nowhere to turn for help or for a fix. now that I have it I feel confident going out to the country or expeditions and finding a

  • Handy thing to have around.


    Small, compact, battery. Used to start ATV and boosted camper batteries. Charge your cell. The air nozzle end is not easy to use and can be difficult putting on and taking off of valve stem. I removed



Emergency Jump Start Model: JS87
Battery: 12AH sealed lead-acid
Output: 5VDC/2.4A(USB)
Peak Battery: 1000A
Tire Inflator: 150PSI
Product Dimension: 12 x 8.6 x 9.4 inch
Power Inverter: N/A
Working Temperature: -31F - 113F
Replaceable Fuse: 15A
N.W.: 14.13lb
Nozzle Adapters: 3pcs
AC Adapter Length: 27.5 inch
DC Adapter Length: 78.7 inch
Battery Cable with Clamps: 27.5 inch
Cable with air compressor: 62.9 inch

Packing List
1 x Potek 1000A Peak Jump Starter
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Spare fuse
1 x DC adapter
1 x User manual


● Potek also has the 1500A Peak Jump Starter and 900A Peak Jump Starter on sale now. Check them out.
● To save power, please turn off the AC Socket Switch if you don’t use them.
● Please don’t use the jump starter while charging.
● Do not open the case of the power station and disassemble the unit.
● Do not allow the positive and negative booster clamps of the jumpstart system to come into contact with each other.
● Be sure to remove all metal items(watches,necklaces,rings,etc) before using the jumpstart system.
● Do not turn jump start switch to “ON” position if the REVERSE POLARITY WARNING LED light is ON.
● Always turn the jumpstart system off when not in use.Store in a cool, dry place.
● The portable power station must be fully charged for 24h before first use.Failure to do so may permanently damage battery.
● Warranty: 18-month


Is this a good source of power during weekend camping trips to power devices on usb?
yes it is a very good power source for camping, with usb devices
Can an air mattress plug into this to fill?
yes if you have the correct cord for 12v or a 110 inverter.
will this power a CPAP machine for a night?
Many have ask such about several packs like this. Most are responding it will work, yet there are some considerations. I've seen things about "Don't run a humidifier function" since it needs a lot more power. There may be other factors, so it depends on your equipment and settings you need. Perhaps the best way to find out is getting a meter like the "kill-a-watt" and measure power use yourself. That meter can tell you both power draw as it runs (to see if the inverter is big enough) as well as power use over time (to see if the battery will last long enough). I can tell you most packs like this can supply only ~200 watt for 1 hour, or 100 watts for 2 hours, or 50 watts for 4 hours, etc to show you how long it's battery lasts. The rest depends on your power use of the equipment hooked up that only you can tell. You may be able to extend the run time by connecting another battery via the jumper cables, but that means having multiple parts where maybe it's better to get separate things a
Does it have a cigarette lighter plug receptacle for powering a portable air pump?
Can this unit be used to inflate RV tires up to 100 psi
It inflated to 150 psi. Should work ok. I use it for trailer tires at 50 psi.
ow many USB ports and is there a warranty?
Yes 1 usb port 2 plugs a light jumper cables aircompressor. I dont recall warrenty. However, i have used it many times, jumping coworkers vehicles, filling tires etc. Works great i love it no regrets.
Can an elecric air mattress be plugged into this to inflate it?
Yes, I used it to air up tires on my truck with no problem. It does come with different tips.
I have a Chevy 99 van does this work?
Is this unit suitable for marine use
I lost the AC adapter, where can I get a replacement?
The AC adapter size is 2.5mm , you can purchase it on Amazon.com.If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Does it function well in cold winter weather?
No problems whatever the temperature
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