Potek 1500A Peak Jump Starter

1500A Jump Starter with 150PSI Air Compressor and 300W Power Inverter, one device for all.

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Potek 1500amp jump starter

Potek 1500amp Jump Starter is designed for everyday road warriors or weekend adventurists as it comes with the 150PSI air compressor, 300w power inverter, LED light and 2.4A USB output. It will be the perfect roadside companion for 4 cylinder to 10 cylinder gas engines and it only takes a minimal amount of space and handy to have while camping, tailgating, or for emergencies.

This 3-in-1 1500A Jumpboost will be the perfect solution for those who are looking for a feature packed device that does not cost a lot of money. As you can see, this compact jump starter is cheap but quite powerful and ready to inflate tires, boost a vehicle,charge most household devices or working as an emergency light whenever you need it. Perfect for vehicles with engines up to V8 (including 4 cylinder, single cylinder, V4, and others).

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Potek Js88 jump starter

1500A Peak Jump Starter
The Potek 1500A Peak JumpBoost Battery Jumper with built-in 150PSI air compressor and a 300W power inverter is an amazing all-in-one portable unit that provides versatility and power exactly when you need it, no matter when you are on the road, at a campsite, at home, etc.

Keeping the JumpBoost Battery Jumper in your trunk means that you’ll never need to worry about a roadside emergency. With the JumpBoost Battery Jumper, you can inflate your own tires and jump start your weak or dead vehicle battery and even charge your phone or other household appliances, which means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down an unknown passerby.

Jump starter with power inverter

300 watt Power Inverter
300 watt power inverter with 2 AC sockets and one USB ports, which you can charge your phone, kindle, iPad, even TV, laptop, fan, spotlight, power tools, and some other small household devices while camping, on a road trip or business trip.

Jump starter air compressor

150PSI Air Compressor/Inflator
Can you imagine how vulnerable and desperate it may be if the tire is punctured in a dark night or in the middle of no where? Supplying up to 150 PSI, the Air Compressor can fill nearly any tire from bicycle, passenger car, to trucks and even fill up sports equipment and pool inflatables! At a paltry 14.13 lbs., this JumpBoost is easily carried and transported by anyone in any situation.

The 200 Lumen LED Light
One of the frustrated thing when comes to night-time emergency roadside repairs is the lack of bright lighting. Just image how can you work on a car and hold a flashlight at the same time? One way is that you can bit on the flashlight if it fits in your mouth. But with our 1000A peak jump starter which comes with 200 Lumen COB LED worklight, you can save all the embarrassment.

1500AMP jump starter

Space Saving, Wires and Accessories Well Stocked
On the left, there is a 12 volt power outlet sockets and a smartly designed storage box. Inside the box, it is a compressor hose.
On the right, you will find another storage box and inside it, there are all the spare accessories you may need, an AC adapter, a spare fuse, a dc adapter.
The Potek Battery Jumper is designed to easily accommodate the air hose into a tiny compartment to save you space and easy access to the air inflator anytime you need it.

Quick List of Features
Jump Starter (Booster)
USB & 12V DC Power Supply
Air Inflator (Compressor)
LED Worklight
AC & DC Chargers included
Inflator Accessories Included
Great for Camping & Emergencies

Approximate Run Times (12V DC Socket)
Tool Charger (15W): 11.5 Hours
Cell Phone Charger (20W): 8.4 Hours
Digital Camera (30W): 5.3 Hours
13” Color TV (70W): 1.9 Hours
Laptop (90W): 1.4 Hours
Worklight (100W): 1.2 Hours


  • Potek saves the day!


    I bought this as a little Christmas gift for myself because my car battery died and I bought a small bike for my daughter. When I put the bike together for my 3 year old Christmas 2018 the tires were deflated. My wife (as typical wives do says that the Potek was unnecessary and I don't need it. She can take the bike to the gas station) Flash forward to Jan 11 2019. I was getting off work from nightshift and the wife calls saying the car tire is flat. She catches an Uber and I'm left with the problem of getting a tire fixed. Typical wife-husband stuff, No worries, I take my nap, wake up and hook up this trusty Potek. The funny thing is I was doing the manufacturers recommended 24 charge of the Potek in my house at the time. Perfect. I hooked it up, inflated it and off to the tire repair shop! Get to the tire shop and see a nail in my tire (un reparable) as shown in my picture. But I didn't have to wait around for a tow truck!! Potek you are already worth the price I paid in convenience and speed.

  • Best priced for Combo Charger/PSI and Amps (800)


    This is the best priced Combo for a jump starter/fill your tires w/air I could find

  • Potek jump starter & compressor.


    Tested and seems to work fine. Like its compact and convenient features. The storage is great. Recommend seller and product!

  • Best listed capabilities for the price


    I ordered this because my vehicle battery was showing signs of weakness. The battery died and was replaced before I received this jump starter/power pack. Therefore I have not been able to test and evaluate it's abilities. I give it three stars because it arrived in a timely manner, was reasonably packaged and undamaged. I will update this after I have the opportunity to use it.

  • great Jump Starter and Compressor!


    Picked this up because we were getting a rash of punctures from nails and screws. Jump starting is the bonus feature for us. The compressor is very nice. Like all small compressors it is a bit noisy but the gauge is stable (in spite of the vibrations while running) and accurate so you can let it fill the tire and just watch the gauge. I compared the pressure reading against two digital gauges and they all read the same. This was in the 36-40psi range. Can't speak to readings above that. The only suggestion I would have to improve this aspect of the product would be to put the PSI gauge on top of the unit as it will be on the pavement when filling a tire, not on a shelf at eye level. If the ground isn't level the unit will vibrate away like one of those old football game players.


Emergency Jump Start Model: JS88
Lead-acid Battery: 18AH
Output: 5 VDC
Peak Current: 1500A
Power Inverter: 300W
USB Output: 2.4A
Ambient Temperature: -31F - 113F
Replaceable Fuse: 15A
Product Dimension: 12 x 8.6 x 9.4 inch
Air compressor: 300PSI
N.W.: 18.07 ib
Nozzle Adapters: 3 Pieces

Packing List:
1 x Potek 1500A Peak Car Jump Starter
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Spare fuse
1 x DC adapter
1 x User manual

● Potek also has the 1000A Peak Jump Starter and 900A Peak Jump Starter on sale now. Check it out.
● To save power, please turn off the AC Socket Switch if you don’t use them.
● Please don’t use the jump starter while charging.
● Do not open the case of the power station and disassemble the unit.
● Do not allow the positive and negative booster clamps of the jumpstart system to come into contact with each other.
● Be sure to remove all metal items(watches,necklaces,rings,etc) before using the jumpstart system.
● Do not turn jump start switch to “ON” position if the REVERSE POLARITY WARNING LED light is ON.
● Always turn the jumpstart system off when not in use.Store in a cool, dry place.
● The portable power station must be fully charged for 24h before first use.Failure to do so may permanently damage battery.
● Warranty: 18-month


I can plug this into cigarette lighter of dead car to jump start?
No they are not removable
Is the battery replaceable?
Yes, I have already taken my unit apart. I put in a voltage meter and switch to turn the meter off. Battery is a great quality 22ah 12volt replaceable. Good luck. It's a great product
How often do you have to recharge this unit when it is not in use
It's recommended to recharge the unit every 3 months when not in use. Thanks
can it be used to jumpstart an suv?
Yes, no problem. I jumped my wife's Honda CRV and the next day my Honda Ridgeline without recharging the unit. I have no doubt it would start multiple vehicles before needing a charge.
Can I leave this unit plugged in (for example, in the basement) without any damage to its battery?
Instructions say "Your portable power station should not be charged for more than 40 hours continuously. "
I can plug this into cigarette lighter of dead car to jump start?
You may be able to use this as a power source and use a device like the "el9796 jumper" to move power into the dead car (or power AC chargers off the inverter going to the lighter). There's several brands of devices like that Wagan one which are labeled for "jumping" cars and will actually "pump" power into the dead car thru the lighter plug (where other cables like the Clore ESA1 cable that are just wires with lighter plugs won't move much power to the car). The advantage of those lighter plug "jumpers" is that you don't need to open the hood and directly connect up cables (with some being afraid of connecting the cables wrong or standing in the rain). Yet there's several disadvantages of them including it takes 10-20 minutes to slowly "pump" the power into the dead car (it's not just plugging it in and instantly starting), the car battery must be a "good" one that accepts the power and can start the car (if the car battery is "bad" the slow charge won't start you), and you will
Will it work my fans and lights during power outages?
It provides an electric socket so it provides temporary power for anything you can plug into it for several hours during a power outage
How sturdy is the hose and adapter for tire inflation?
The hose and adapter is sturdy enough for normal use,and is a standard grade for home use.
can it be used to jumpstart an suv?
Yes, no problem. I jumped my wife's Honda CRV and the next day my Honda Ridgeline without recharging the unit. I have no doubt it would start multiple vehicles before needing a charge.
Is the tire stem connector and L connector as shown in the picture?
he air hose and connector are kept within one of the side panels. the jumper cables remain exposed.
Can this charge a car or just jump it?
jump it and infate tires
How much power does this store?
I have jumped my truck with it 5 times and it still has plenty of juice. Also aired up 4 tires and there is plenty left. I would recommend this battery pack.
Does it have flash light
A flash light as in: a removable, handheld type? No. It has a built in, onboard bar style LED light mounted directly into the front of the unit. It's easy to set the unit say, on the engine block for light under the car hood or on it's back to uplight the under the car or light up the changing of the tire, etc. Bright white LED. My husband, who's very picky about "gimmick-y tools" declares this item to be the genuine article. It's jumped the snowplow truck battery and a snowmobile's on the first attempt. He loves the thing.
What are the differences between the js87 and js88?
The 87 has a battery rated "12 amp-hour", the 88 has a "18 amp-hour" battery showing it can run things 50% longer. The js88 also has the 300 watt inverter with 2 a.c plugs
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