Potek 500W Power Inverter with Digital Display - Black

500W Potek Power Inverter is a high performance, yet slim and compact device with digital display which is perfect for blenders, TV's, gaming systems, computers, cooking appliances, power tools and other household electronics.

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500 watt power inverter with digital display
Potek is America’s No.1 power inverter brand, you can confirm this in Amazon. You can always trust Potek 500 watt power inverter with digital display no matter when and where you need to convert DC 12V to 110V ac. No matter you are at home, roadtrip, travel, long business trip or camping, you can always take this portable and small inverter with you as a backup power solutions which can keep your important devices powered up.

This 500W portable car inverter with 2 USB charging ports is designed for all major brand laptops, digital portable devices such as video camcorder, digital camera, iPad, iPod, cell phone, PSP, DVD player etc. What’s more, this pretty little thing comes with the convenient digital light display, which can show you the battery input voltage, inverter output voltage.

potek 500w power inverter with digital display
Digital Light Display
Usually, the digital light will show battery input voltage, inverter output voltage by pressing “on /off ” button. But if it works under overload, overheat, input low voltage, input high voltage, and short circuit, the digital light will show ”H, P; Hob; Lob; H, b; SC” to remind you that something is wrong. The audio alarm will switch on at the same time.

500w power inverter protection
Multi-protection including Input over-voltage/ under-voltage protection, Output short-circuit, over-load, over-current,over-temperature protection, Full isolation voltage protection and built-in 2*30A fuses to protect your devices.

500w power inverter application
Provide Charging for Various Loads
With 2 USB ports, you can charge 2 small load devices simultaneously like phone, kindle, iPad. With 2 AC charging ports, it can provide charging for most loads like TV, laptop, fan, spotlight, power tools, and most household devices. It’s perfectly suitable when you are in camping, outdoors, vacations, road trips.

500 watt digital power inverter with cooling fan
Intelligent and Efficient Cooling Fan
On the bottom of the 500 watt power inverter, there is a cooling fan which will turn on automatically when the working temperature is about 114F. It will reduce the temperature efficiently and offering you a quiet and yet pleasant cooling experience.

500 watt car power inverter charging
Connect with Alligator Battery Clips
This 500 watt small but powerful inverter can provide you max 500 watt continues DC 12v to 110v AC output. When your vehicle battery voltage is under 11V, it will trigger input under-voltage protection, this will protect and avoid to drain your vehicle battery.

Connect with Cigarette Lighter Plug
This car power inverter can provide you max 120-150 watt continues DC 12v to 110v AC output due to the protection of vehicle cigarette lighter socket fuse. If you need more power output, please hook the power inverter to vehicle battery with the clamps Directly.

Replacable Fuses
Built in 2*30A replaceable fuses, which can protect your device from over-current, over load damage. 2 pcs of spare 30 amps fuses is included in package.


  • Great


    This is a great little inverter. I use it to power my 42" TV in my RV. No problems.This is a great little inverter. I use it to power my 42" TV in my RV. No problems.This is a great little inverter. I use it to power my 42" TV in my RV. No problems.This is a great little inverter. I use it to power my 42" TV in my RV. No problems.

  • Perfect for in the car travel!


    LOVE THIS THING! I was able to charge my laptop and phone/ipad at the same time while traveling without any troubles. We only used it with the AC adapter, not directly attached to the car battery, although that is an option. I also only used this while the car was running to avoid draining my car battery. It has a built in fan that will turn it self on if it starts to get warm. I had no concerns with using this and will be taking it on all future road trips!

  • Nice inverter


    I use this in my car in the back port. The only negative is that the power wires connecting to the inverter have somewhat exposed contacts as the "O" ring connectors on the + and - terminals on the rear of the unit. A slight risk of shorting if you're not aware of it. The plastic caps that hold them in place "shield" it mostly but it could be designed better. The inverter works great. It is silent, no annoying fan sounds at all. The overcurrent shutoff works, as I tried charging a large battery beyond its capacity. I recommend this product.

  • Suprisingly Robust


    "As far as ""BUDGET"" options for a power inverter, emergency or daily use this thing is hard to beat. First Concern with this device was accidentally draining my battery, since I would be hard wiring it into my car, but the switch on the front is a true kill switch and will keep it from draining the battery. The Casing is sturdy and took a few limp test swings from my 12 oz hammer with little markings. The mounting Flanges are small and both ends are ""slide under"" styles but the Flange itself appears sturdy and held the unit firmly in place with just some Tech Screws."

  • Great portable power option!


    I was recently seeking a portable power inverter for use in my vehicle as well as my travel trailer for when I go camping. I happened to find the Potek 500W Inverter here and opted to give it a shot based on the price and because it looked like it would get the job done. If you’re a camper or need an emergency power supply (110 – 125 VAC) when you’re on the go, then an inverter is what you need.



Nominal input voltage: 12.8-13.2 VDC
Nominal output voltage:100V-120V AC
Output frequency:60Hz±2Hz
Continuous/Surge output power:500W/1000W
Input over-voltage shutdown:15.5±0.5VDC
Input low voltage shutdown: 10±0.5VDC
Over tempreture shut down:85 C
Over load protection :550w+/-50W
Input under-voltage alarm: 10.5±0.5VDC
Output wave: Modified sine wave
Internal fuse:30Ax2
2A USB port: 2
AC charging port: 2

Packing List

1 x 500W power inverter
1 x Car cigarette plug
2 x Car battery Clip
4 x Fuses
1 x User manual


●Potek also has the Classic 500 watt power inverter on sale now. Check them out.
●Warranty: 18-month
●For Your Optimal Use,Please Read the User Manual First Before Using.
●It is a 110V AC, 60Hz Modified Wave Power Inverter, ONLY applied for DC 12V, not for DC 24V.
●Due to the protection of vehicle cigarette lighter socket fuse, the output power can only reach up to 150W when you connect it with cigarette lighter plug. If you need to get the max 500W power output, please connect it to the vehicle battery with the clamps directly.
●The quiet cooling fan is smart controlled, will rotate at different speed according to the power load and temperature inside.So don’t worry if the fan doesn’t come on while the power load is low.
●Do not leave the power inverter in the ON position for long time while your car is off.
●Do not power electric appliances which exceed 500 watts,such as hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons etc.


can I run my little tile saw with this? it has 550 watts at 4.8 amps, thanks!
No the amp draw under load would put this into protect mode. Need way more than 4.8 amps.
Can you plug this device into a charger portable power unit?
Will it run my cpap overnite?
its a power inverter, not a battery.
How is this quality?
Owned this inverter for a few years now and like it very much. Very handy in the car for electronic games and on the boat for powering my laptop.
has any one used this to hook up to solar set up?
I have hookup to my solar system occasionally aa backup.
Can you use it with solar panels to charge a baterry?
No! You need a charge controller to charge the battery. They are relatively inexpensive for 20 amp or lower charge controllers
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