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Potekelec 3000w power inverter can convert 12V battery power into modified sine wave AC household power, allowing you to run loads up to 3000 watts, like refrigerator, microwave, computer, cooking appliances, and other household electronics.

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Potek 3000w power inverter on sale
Potek 3000W Car Power Inverter will be able to convet 12v DC power (car battery or other power source) to 110v AC power (the power you use at home) which means you can use your car to charge the laptop, Kindle, digital camera, cell phones, lights or other power tools. All you need to do is to contact the 3000W Car Power Inverter to your car, then Poteck inverter will do the rest. The 3000w potek car power inverter is perfect for vacations, trips, or camping because of its multiple application and super power capacity. Let along it comes with multi-protections for safe using. Stop worrying about the power consumption when going out, Potek 3000W Car Power Inverter is all you need. If you are still trying to find a power inverter for truck, or gifts for dad birthday, the 3000w power inverter is what you need.

If you find a lower advertised price on any Potek product, give us a chance to match or beat it, because we are the factory!

Potek 3000w power inverter on sale
Provide Charging for Most Electrical Devices
Want to charge your phone, kindle, iPad, even TV, laptop, fan, spotlight, power tools, and some other small household devices while camping, on a road trip or business trip? Take this Potek 3000w power inverter which has 4 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, you’ll never have to worry about the power consuming.

Intelligent Cooling Fan
This 3000w power inverter comes with 2 built-in smart cooling fans which can help to lower the working temperature to ensurte safe using for all of our customers.

Potek 3000w power inverter on sale
Suit for Car, Home or Outdoor
Potek 3000 watt power inverter can always be useful no matter it is hurricane, storm, power failure or road trip, camping, power emergeny, business trip. All you need to do is connect this inverter to a 12V battery system and then you will be able to power up for most of your electronic devices!

Potek 3000w power inverter on sale
Advanced Protections with Audible Alarm
This car power inverter is equipped with 8 built-in 40A mini slip fuses, 2 cooling fans and audible alarm to against over voltage, low voltage, overload, short circuit, over heat. From all these protections, we want to tell you that Potek always care about our customers’ safety.

By the way, the built-in cooling fan only starts working when temperature is over 104℉.

Safe and Reliable Design
Potek 3000w power inverter on sale
This 110v inverter applies the new SMT (Surface Mount Technology) circuit boards which offers greater reliability, better efficiency, and fewer stray RF emissions over the older PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) and through-hole boards. From there the case volume shrunk 28% of the original, and the overall weight was reduced 36%!


  • used this item for as tractor trailer


    It's a best item I never had befor and valued work truckt king perfected better than cobras

  • really happy about this power source


    I am in path of Irma and was scrambling to find a generator due to probability of power outages; couldn't find any available but came across this. Arrived before storm did and really happy we will have power source. Use both black and both red cables (double them up) if you plan to exceed 1500 watts in usage.

  • Great inverter


    This inverter is alright. It works and seems a good quality one. The seller is very responsive and always willing to help if you have any problems with the product. But I got say it has a small glich. It whistles when battery a little discharge 10,75 and lower. That noise is like high mouse squeak. So if you alright with that this is product is definitely worth the money.

  • Good quality/good price


    Needed longer cables to install a dual-battery set-up on my new ATV. These did the trick. Good quality and a good price.

  • Five Stars


    My husband says it works perfectly in his truck, he likes it



Nominal input voltage: 12.8~13.2 VDC
Operating input voltage: 10-15 VDC
Nominal output voltage: 115 +/-10V AC
Continuous output power: Up to 3000W
Surge output power (0.1 second): 6000W
Input overvoltage shutdown: 16±0.5VDC
Input undervoltage alarm: 10.5±0.5VDC
Input low voltage shutdown: 10±0.5VDC
Operating ambient tempreture range:32-104F
Output wave: Modified sine wave
Internal fuse: 40Ax8
USB port:DC 5V/2A
Size: 10.4X13.3X4.6 inch
Weight:11.094 Ib

Packing List

1 x Potek 3000W Power Inverter
4 x Car Battery Cables
1 X Earth Wire
1 x User manual


● Potek also has the Black 3000 watt power inverter on sale now. Check it out.
● Warranty: 18-month
● please use the battery clamp cable with a connection directly to the 12V battery while you run any loads higher 150W but lower than 500W.
● Do not use high power electric devices such as hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons, vacuum connect the inverter to a battery.
● Please do not leave the power inverter in the ON position while your car is off.
● Disconnect the positive battery terminal before doing any wiring to the inverter.
● Keep the unit away from water and flammable material or in any location which may accumulate flammable fumes or gases.
● To reduce the risk of electric shock, unplug the unit from the outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Turning off controls will not reduce this risk.
● The inverter draws low amperage from the battery with the main ON/OFF switch turned on and no load connected. To prevent battery discharge, turn the inverter off when you are not using it.
● Only connect the power inverter to a 12V battery or power supply.
● Do not let the inverter into sunlight directly, keep it in a cool environment.
● Don’t use the inverter with a product that draws a higher wattage the inverter can provide, as this may cause damage to the inverter and product.


Does anyone know why potek 3000w inverter comes two red and black battery cable?
Cables MUST be connected in parallel as illustrated by the photo of the back of the inverter with the 3kW and 4kW inverters.. They should not be used in series to connect a fuse. Primary load current peaks for the 3kW inverter can reach 285 Amps and 380 Amps for the 4kW inverter. Short, direct, parallel connections must be used. The vehicle must have a high-output alternator and have the engine running to properly use these inverters at anything like their typical power ratings.
What is the maximum length cables I can use? My desired mounting location is about 10' from the battery.
I have 16' with no issues, large gauge wire like 6 gauge
If i wanted To power a 1200 w heat press for a few hours what else would i need To do so?
a bank of good batteries, minimum 2 1000w
Does it power a 6.5hp shopvac drawing 12a? Wattage would be 120v*12a = 1440w. Would it hurt the battery if the car engine is kept running?
Yes Hurt engine worse excessive idling
Would this unit live very long in a marine environment, as a permanent installation on a boat????
Yea as long as the batteries in said boat are also healthy, and I am assuming, dry...as should be this inverter...
Can this run small refrigerator and microwave at the same time ? It’s for semi truck.
Yes is perfect I run microwave fridge 700watts laptop with no problems
Anyone used this on an ev to supply power to fridge when normal power is lost ? we have a nissan leaf
not sure, probably wont work, I think the leaf has a high voltage battery pack maybe if you could pull the power off of just two cells? sounds risky though
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