Potek 1000W Power Inverter with Digital Display

Featuring 2 US standard AC outlets, Power and fault LED Lights, one USB Power Port, Power switch and thermal cooling fans, Potek 1000 Watt Power Inverter is ideal for your high power needs!

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potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display
Potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display converts 12V DC car power to 110v AC power which means you can provide power for most consumer electronics with the help of this car power inverter. This dc to ac converter is especially useful on long road trips, for camping, people who travel for business, over-the-road truck drivers, and other similar applications. In fact, anyone who spends a lot of time on the road should put this super device in car so that they never need to worry about the power cosuming of their electronics devices, like phone, laptop, crock pot, hair dryer, or even microwave.

If you find a lower advertised price on any Potek product, give us a chance to match or beat it because we are the factory!

potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display
Digital and Illuminated Display
The red LED light will show you the input and output voltage, also the output wattage. So you’ll be able to know the status of the car power inverter very well while using.

potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display 2
High Efficiency Power Conversation
Potek 1000 watt power inverter is a high efficiency AC power converter which can transfer 95% DC power to AC. We say 95%, becasue we tested and know our products well enough.

potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display apply
Fits for Multiple Devices
Comes with 2 AC outlets and 1 USB port, allows you to charge laptop, TV, DVD, game system, microwaves, pumps, phone, ipad, PS4, etc.

potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display protection
Multiple Protection
Automatic overload protection, low battery shutdown, overloading, low voltage, overheating and short circuiting protections.

Premuim Quality
This 12v to 110v inverter for car is made of heavy-duty materials, ultra-durable, and pvc cables ensure high durability and prevent leakage of electricty.

potek 1000 watt power inverter with digital display fan
Efficent Cooling Fan
The high-speed cooling fans will help to dissipate heat and keep the inverter running safely and effectively when temperature of heat sink reaches 104℉or th output power is over 400W.

1000 Watt Power Inverter Applications
In your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, truck, camper, tail-gating, camping, kid’s soccer games, or anywhere you need to turn DC (battery) power into AC (household) power is where the 1000 Watt Inverter will be the super man!


  • Great Power Inverter


    Great back up for my 3/4 Hp garage door opener. A little noisy during operation due to the non-pure sine wave signal but since I will only need it for temporary power outages, this should be enough to get our vehicles in and out of the garage safely riding on a 12 volt 35 Ah AGM battery. One thing I like is the digital readout where I set it to monitor my incoming 12 volt power.

  • It's worth the little extra $$$


    Got this to take on camping trips for blowing up air mattresses primarily but also to run a laptop and charge multiple devices as needed. It really does the job well and having the digital screen is a welcomed addition. The screen can tell you the current output so that you know if you are getting close to the maximum output. It's a rather helpful feature. This wasn't the cheapest option but it appeared to be of much higher quality. I am happy to report that it is indeed higher quality and is definitely worth the extra $$$

  • fast shipping


    works great

  • Five Stars


    Great product, good instructions, no problems!!

  • Five Stars


    Exelente producto



Nominal input voltage: 12.8-13.2 VDC
Nominal output voltage: 115±10% VAC
Output frequency: 60±3 Hz
Operating input voltage: 10.0-15.0 VDC
Continuous output power: Up to 1000 W
Surge output power: 2000 W
Waveform Modified sine wave
Efficiency: (typical) 86%
Typical No Load Current (at nominal input voltage): 0.4 ADC
Input overvoltage shutdown: 15.5±0.5 VDC
Input undervoltage alarm: 10.5±0.5 VDC
Input low voltage shutdown: 10.0±0.5 VDC
Output power overload shutdown level: 1300±300 W
Input fuse: 3x40 A
AC charging port: two
USB port: One/5V 2A
Battery cables: 6AWG, 2×39.3 in
Ground wire: 16AWG, 1×39.3 in

Packing List

1 x Potek 1000 Watt Power Inverter
2 x Battery cables
1 x Ground wire
1 x User manual


● Potek also has the 1000w top rated power inverters for you to choose from. Check it out.
● Warranty: 18-month
● Please turn of the inverter while your car is off.
● Disconnect the positive battery terminal before doing any wiring to the inverter.
● Keep the unit away from water and flammable material or in any location which may accumulate flammable fumes or gases.
● To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug unit from outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning. Turning off controls will not reduce this risk.
● The inverter draws low amperage from the battery with the main ON/OFF switch turned on and no load connected. To prevent battery discharge,turn the inverter off when you are not using it.
● Only connect the power inverter to a 12V battery or power supply.
● Do not let the inverter into sunlight directly, keep it in cool environment.
● Don’t use the inverter with a product that draws a higher wattage the inverter can provide,as this may cause damage to the inverter and product.


Can this inverter be secured to a surface? Does it have the little in built hooks some things have that so you can hang it on some screws?
No,it doesn't need any screws to fix it since it would be on fire and everything would be destroyed!
Does the 1000 watt version come with alligator clips?
yes I love it
Can this operate without being plugged in? As in, can if function as a power supply bank for camping and be recharged if the campsite is too far from
No. It has no battery. It has to be connected to the car electric system or another car battery. It simply changes DC to somethig resembling AC, it does that reasonably well.
What is the drop out voltage using a deep cycle battery alone?
Sort, can't answer that... I used it for 36 hrs over 3 days and my battery still had a 3/4 charge
Does anyone know if the usb ports are 2 amps each or 2 amps split between the 2 ports?
2 each
12Ga + hot back to battery okay? negative to chassis okay? Low voltage cuttoff? Does it show amps?
Our product have protect functions angainst overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloads, and overcharging.When these happen, the unit will be alarm then cut off. The display shows input(V) output(V) output(W) ,doesn't show amps.
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