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A must have for your car! :
This automatic speed battery charger has a 20-amp fast charge self-adjustment feature which monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate to prevent battery damage to your car, truck marine and farm equipment, gel cell, and deep-cycle batteries. 

• Rated input voltage: 120V AC/60Hz
• Input current: 2A
• Rated output voltage:12V DC
• Output current: 2/6/20 A
• Maximum Charging voltage: 14.8±0.2A 
• Floating charge voltage:13.6±0.2V
• Dimension(L*W*H):8.66*5.59*5.31in
• Weight:2.7LB
• Ambient temperature:0 ~ 40 °C 

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lightweight , compact yet powerful.

This multi amp charger is quite compact compared to the current it is capable of delivering. I have used this successfully on my car and electric cordless mower.
One of my car is old which am preserving it so that my son could have it as soon as he is eligible. Since this car is not used frequently, its battery ends up draining out. This charger was able to juice up the battery in about 2 hours at 6 amps delivery. I took the middle approach to ensure that i dont stress either of my devices. Similarly i have had one of the light weight cordless electric lawn mowers whose charging unit got burnt out last summer. While i have a gas mower now , i still occasionally use this because of its lightness and sharper cuts. So i use this charger to direcctly connect to the battery and charge it. it takes about 3 hours at 2amps range and serves me about 30 mins of mowing.. which is more than sufficient.
This is extremely handy gadget to have in the house. You will never know when, on what items you might end up using these.
On the constructive side, i wish the jumpstarter crocodile clips had insulation at the tip as well. After couple of minor shorts, i have patched the tip with my own insulation. Barring that i love everything about this charger

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Good buy for the price.

I used it to charge my John Deere riding lawn mower and it works fine. It is lightweight and easy to use.

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POTEK Smart Battery Charger 40A

Potek 10/20/40 Amp Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer with 50-Amp Battery Clips

  • •10/20/40 Amp Smart Charger: suitable for all types of 12V lead acid batteries,including Gel and AGM.Everything from the capabilities to the safety features to the exterior outlook of this smart charger was designed with the consumer in mind.
  • •Optimal function: Despite choosing three charging rate manually,the optimal fuction can automatically select the charge rate best fit for your type of battery
  • •Digital display & 7- stage battery charging:Keep track of voltage,current and charging progression &high-efficiency charging process,you can be assured that your battery will be charged safely and efficiently.
  • •Safety features:Automatic enter floating mode,external short circuit protection,battery over voltage/over heat protection and reverse polarity indicator to protect the user from harm and the charger from damage
  • •What You Get: Potek 10/20/40 Amp Smart Charger, user manual, our 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.